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Dear Friend,

Dear Friend is inspired from the way we believe in sending love and thought to someone dearest through writing. The writing and reception of letters will always offer experience that modern way cannot replace, especially, when it comes to sharing one's true thought, love and deepest gratitude. 

The cafe reflects the spirit we like to think of as Thai: easy-going, friendly through our relaxing space. Our cafe is in the heart of Chiang Rai, became loved for delicious brunch where locals and travellers, families and friends, continue to be welcomed.

The menu is inspired by the love of having brunch everyday, for us, good food is life's simple pleasure. It mixes the influences from multi-culture and with Asian twists attracting those just looking for delicious food in a relaxing environment.

For dinner, we offer a seasonal menu paired with wine and cocktails. The menu is designed to showcase Chiang Rai's finest local ingredients.  

The cafe has been designed to be classic yet intimate with comfy chair, wooden interior, white wall and marble table finishes.

In our garden, find our speakeasy wine & cocktail bar and intimate wine room. 

Dear Friend cafe is opened for our dearest friends from everywhere, every day, all day.

Yours Cordially,

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